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Are you operating inflatable play equipment on a commercial basis in the United Kingdom? If you are then it is important that you ensure that it undergoes regular checks in order to ensure that it is as safe as possible to use.

There is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom to have play equipment inspected on a regular basis. However; it is suggested that all inflatable equipment in the UK is awarded Safety compliance or PIPA certification from an inspector whom is part of the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII)                                 Rpii/Pipa

There are very few people out there, even many operators, who don’t seem to understand that inflatable play equipment is inherently unsafe. After all; when you have children, or even adults for that matter, bouncing up and down on play equipment on a constant basis there is the potential for accidents. Whilst there are some accidents that you will be unable to avoid (for example when the child is acting irresponsibly) it is your responsibility to ensure that you minimize the amount of risk by ensuring that the play equipment that you operate conforms to all relevant health and safety legislation. The only way in which you can ensure it does is to have it inspected by a professional body such as RPii/PIPA trained inspector.

Inspectors will ensure the inflatable that you are operating is as safe as it possibly can be. This means inspecting for issues in the overall structure of the inflatable play equipment. This means determining whether the inflatable can be operated at the pressure that it is required with no drop off of pressure as well as looking into whether there is any issue with the quality of the construction which could lead to problems in the long term. RPII inspectors will only feel safe offering a certification if they can guarantee that the play equipment that they are awarding it to, is as safe as it possibly can be.

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One of the main benefits of having a regular inspection is the fact that you will be able to ‘claim’ upon the insurance of the inspector should there be any issue. All RPII inspectors will have public liability insurance in place which should provide coverage should an issue that they fail to spot pose a problem in the future which ends up leading to injury. In short; the responsibility for ensuring that your equipment is safe will fall into the hands of the inspector, of course you will still be responsible for ensuring that it is operated correctly (and there is a lot that you are going to need to know when it comes to this) however ensuring that the structure is sound will be the responsibility of the inspector.

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